Home finishing loan – where can you get money for refurbishing your home?

A loan for finishing a house or flat is available in the bank. To apply for it, several requirements must be met. Among them is the right age or positive creditworthiness. Steady and confirmed income is also important. Renovation can also be financed with money from a loan.

Home finishing loan – to whom will the bank grant money?

Home finishing loan - to whom will the bank grant money?

Home renovation is an expense. When deciding to change the interior design, it is worth planning your budget well. If our house requires only minor corrections, we will certainly have enough money from the financial pillow. If you do not have one, you can take a quick loan online. Her formalities are kept to a minimum.

Often, however, money from a payday loan or installment loan is not enough to cover the renovation costs. In such a situation, we should use the bank’s offer. Home finishing loan is available to adults who have a positive credit rating. A stable income is also important for the lender. We should document it.

As part of a cash loan, we can receive up to tens of thousands of USD. It all depends on the assessment of our financial possibilities. We will sign a contract with the bank for a maximum of about 10 years.

If the creditworthiness assessment is low, the bank may require us to insure the transaction. In some cases, we may be asked to indicate a geranium. It is the person who will certify our solvency. In addition, if we are unable to pay the debt, he will pay it for us.

Mortgage loan for the purchase and finishing of the apartment – conditions

Mortgage loan for the purchase and finishing of the apartment - conditions

The banks offer is very rich. Customers have the option of using a cash, consolidation or mortgage loan. We can use the mortgage to buy a house, plot, flat or finish the flat. Adults may apply for additional money under this benefit. They must have a positive credit standing. Banks also require a 10% own contribution. loan value.

The mortgage loan amounts to several hundred thousand USD. The loan period is up to several dozen years. You can apply for additional money at the bank. A company employee will accept our application, check data and creditworthiness. The required documents are:

  • confirmation of stable income – should include type of employment or amount of remuneration;
  • certificate from ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) or Tax Office (UUS) on non-payment of contributions (in the case of running your own business);
  • preliminary contract and excerpt from the land and mortgage register;
  • notarial deed confirming the fiscal note (in the case of the division of marriage property).

The bank may also require other documents. It all depends on the amount we apply for and what we want to finally use the loan money for.

Home finishing loan – calculator

Home finishing loan - calculator

Before we start the renovation, it is good to make an estimate. Then it will be easier for us to manage money from the household budget. It will also be easier to indicate the amount of the loan application. It should be supported by BIK’s score and our needs.

Let us remember that specialists can help us in choosing the loan amount. Bank employees, knowing our financial situation, will indicate the offer available to us. We will also learn about the costs of credit and the possibilities of its earlier regulation. Consultation with a bank representative is also possible by phone.

Banks’ websites are equipped with credit calculators. They allow you to adjust the loan amount to your repayment options. It is enough to use the special sliders to indicate the loan amount, the duration of the contract, the type of installment or the form of securing the transaction.

Loan for finishing the flat

Loan for finishing the flat

We don’t always renovate the whole house or flat. Sometimes our place of residence requires only refreshing or finishing. In this case, let’s consider an online loan. We can use it for any purpose, e.g. renovation. Extra money is available even from the age of 18. Lenders often do not require earnings certificates from their clients. It also happens that applicants are not checked in the registers of debtors. However, a positive credit standing is required, which will be checked in a different way.

The waiting time for a loan is shorter than for a loan. We can have money from installment loans or quick payday loans on the same day. It is an ideal solution if we want to quickly start renovation, e.g. before an important family celebration.

The disadvantage of non-bank loans is that we can apply for a maximum of several (sometimes several dozen) thousand USD. The time to pay off the debt is also shorter. Depends on the general terms of the commitment. Our decision to choose a loan should therefore be carefully considered.


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