Get the tax money already in April next year – so do you

Do you keep track of your loans, declarations, receipts, guarantees and insurance information? Or do you belong to the crowd that needs some time to look through the old bookshelf so you know about where they are? No matter how good (or bad) you are at keeping track of important papers, a digital mailbox can be valuable. Keep track of important papers Having important papers in digital form facilitates.

You no longer need to keep track of physical papers

You no longer need to keep track of physical papers

That risk getting lost or unreadable; instead, the most important thing is gathered in one place. With a digital mailbox you get a secure storage place online where you can primarily receive government mail, but also mail from companies and associations. Secure mailbox Another advantage is that you always log in with your social security number and therefore do not have to worry about changing mail or computer.

Therefore, in order to start using your digital mailbox, an electronic ID is required, such as a mobile bank ID that you may already have in your mobile.

You can read the record in an app or in your computer’s browser


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